My Two Cents on McGreevy's

I want to like it, really I do.  Steeped in Red Sox Nation history with numerous Red Sox paraphernalia adorning the walls and co-owned by Dropkick Murphy's front man, Ken Casey (Red Sox Nation royalty) this is just the sort of place that is usually right up my alley.  But it's not.  Why?  The food is pretty lackluster and the service is not so good.  Pardon the pun, but that's two strikes.  That being said, I would recommend this place if you are looking to grab a beer before a game.  It's fun to be sitting amongst some serious Boston history and sipping a pint while you tap your feet to "Tessie".  But unless you're looking for mediocre eats, I would end your time there.

Feeling like burger to compliment my beer, I ordered a Turkey Burger with Cheddar and sweet potato fries.  The friend that I was with had a cheeseburger as well.  The odd thing was, that right after we put in our food orders, her meal came right out without any explanation, nor apology.  Now anytime you are eating with someone and someone's food comes out first, it put everyone in awkward position.  Someone's always waiting and it throws off the entire harmony of eating out.  After I encouraged my friend to eat and not wait for me to get my meal, she was just about finished up by the time I got mine (and she didn't eat very fast..).  My burger was placed in front of me with no explanation.  Our waitress simply whisked away my friends plate and then my friend was left to watch me eat.  Aside from the poor timing of meals, the food itself had no character to it and nothing special about it.  The fries were cold, the turkey patty was so overly salted I couldn't taste much else.

It is such a shame that such a cool place serves up such unimpressive fare.  

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