What Would The Irish Do?

Thinking it only appropriate to try an Irish creation this weekend, after all Boston+St. Patrick's Day weekend = delicious Irish cuisine, right?  WRONG.  I had high ambitions of creating an twist on Irish fare by creating a Guinness Cheddar soup.  I had envisioned a creamy soup with hints of Irish cheddar cheese swimming in a sea of Guinness and topped with bacon and chives.  And in the name of honesty (after all, it is the best policy) I'd like to share with you culinary triumphs as well as defeats.  It happens to good people everywhere and tonight was my night.  I found myself peering into a pot full of curdled and separated stew that tasted like stale beer.  How it happened I may never know.  Maybe I heated it too quickly or too high or just got my timing off but now I am faced with the dilemma of what do.  I'm hungry and wasted a good chunk of change on a meal that didn't work.  Bummer.

So I ask myself, what would the Irish do?

And the answer that came to mind was this:

"Put on a green shirt, shake your loss, call up some friends, brave the weather and go to a Boston Irish pub to celebrate St. Patrick's Day."

Hmmm.  Not a half bad idea.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your Guinness stew....now I know you really are human! I love your solution - hit the Irish pubs on St. Patty's Day week!! I also LOVE the slideshow. I don't remember seeing it before. You are the best!!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Thanks, you are making me blush! I wanted a nice little reminder of all of the dishes that I've made and I thought a slide show would be a great way of doing that. Thanks for noticing!

Hope you enjoy St. Patty's Day weekend...cheers!

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