Challah At My Blueberry Stuffed French Toast!

It isn't all that often that I wake up craving something sweet to start my day but this morning I woke up wanting french toast.  This almost never happens.  Ever.  In fact, I think my attitude towards sweet things is similar to my feelings towards an eclipse.  It doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, it's sort of an occasion that makes me pause for a moment and consider something that I usually don't think that much about.  Wanting to follow my gut and embrace this uncharacteristic craving before it disappeared for a undetermined period of time, I threw on my Sox hat, grabbed my reusable grocery bag and was off to the grocery store for some french toast fixings.

Looking to kick the creativity up a bit on my breakfast french toast creation, I sandwiched sweet blueberry jam and tangy cream cheese in between two pieces of hearty Challah bread.  It was a welcome little surprise and a great compliment to the maple syrup that grazed the lacy brown top and clung to the sides of my french toast.  This would be the perfect dish to make guests that are staying over.  It's impressive looking and puts a fun little twist on a classic.  You could also use any sort of jam that you'd like to really switch up the flavors a bit.  Also, instead of cream cheese, you could use Nutella.  Mmmm, strawberry jam and Nutella stuffed french toast.  Or!  Sliced bananas and Nutella stuffed french toast.  That would be fantastic.  With a crispy side of salty bacon....Mmmmmm.

Stuffed French Toast  
*Makes One
- 2 pieces of Challah bread
- 1 small pat of butter for the pan
- 1 egg
- A couple splashes of cream, milk, or half and half
- About a 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
- Jam (enough to generously spread over 1 of the pieces of bread)
- Cream cheese (enough to generously spread over 1 of the pieces of bread)
- Maple syrup for topping

In a shallow dish, combine the egg, cream and vanilla.  Spread jam over 1 piece of bread and cream cheese on the other.  Sandwich together the pieces of bread and dredge through the egg mixture, making sure to the let the toast soak up the mixture.  Heat the butter in a small pan on medium heat and then gently add the french toast to the buttered pan.  Let it sit for a minute r 2 and then flip the french toast, allowing the other side to cook until it starts to brown.  Once both sides have browned, serve immediately and with maple syrup on the side.

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