Easter Weekend Eats

The thing about being a food blogger, I have learned, is that when you go visit your family in Western Massachusetts for Easter weekend, the food blog suddenly morphs into a menu.  With it being only a day that I've been out of my Small Boston Kitchen, naturally, I was going through some withdrawals and missing my kitchen, big time (I know, everyone's geeky about something and I've gone and made my geekiness public.  No use hiding it now.)

So as my parents reviewed my blog, debating what I would make in their larger Western Massachusetts Kitchen, they ended up selecting the chicken that I had made for Valentine's Day, which was chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, raspberry jam and then wrapped in a paper-thin slice of prosciutto.  As a side, they opted for my risotto with the addition of mushrooms and sweet peas.  We rounded it out with some merlot and dined al fresco.  Simply put, it was a fantastic evening.

And now I'm full.  But can't help thinking of tomorrow's Easter eats.  Ohhh the life of a food nerd....

Happy weekend, happy weather, and happy night!

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