The Last Bite of an Anna's Taqueria Burrito

I have the very good fortune of being in close walking to distance to not one, but TWO Anna's Taqueria (http://www.annastaqueria.com/) locations and that is a very, very good thing.  While the whole experience of Anna's is perfect; quick service of delicious burritos and other such Mexican delicacies, what I really want to focus on is the last bite.

When you walk into Anna's (I'm referring to their Beacon Street location here), there isn't too much but way of decor.  There is an obligatory cactus in the corner to set the theme but other than that, it's pretty much no-frills dining.  And that's alright.  To order, it's sort of cafeteria-style but you've gotta have your game plan together.  There's usually a line and I know that I certainly wouldn't want to be the one getting in the way of other people getting their delicious food.  That being said, I've always ordered one thing and one thing only: their burrito, stuffed with chicken, cheese, rice, pico de gallo, and my favorite, their hot sauce.  Within mere seconds of ordering, you are holding your own piping hot burrito.  It's really quite fascinating to watch.  When you first take a bite, you know you're on to something good.  When your teeth hit the soft tortilla, it gives way to a world of flavors that all work together brilliantly.  Not too much cheese, not too much rice and perfectly cooked chicken.

Now that I've set the scene, fast forward to the last bite.  Oh the last bite!  I find myself sometimes daydreaming about this last perfect bite.  You see, when you eat a burrito, you are usually holding it parallel to your body.  With each bite, the hot sauce slides it way down and the cheese finds a way to melt itself down and get stuck there.  So when you get to the last bite, it's by far the most flavorful.  Sort of like a grand finale.  It is meant to be savored.  Don't worry if you find your self letting out a loud "Mmmmmm!" while your eyes get wide with excitement.  It's completely normal and happens to the best of us.  The last bite of an Anna's burrito keeps you wanting more and already planning your next visit.  Savor it and enjoy it.

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