The SBK's 100th Post: Thank You

Today is a big day for me and I'd like to take a moment to pause from my usual recipes, reviews and general food musings to celebrate and commemorate a significant milestone for the Small Boston Kitchen:

My 100th post

Even typing that gets me excited.  Since this past December, I have posted 100 entries detailing my love affair with food.  When I started this blog, I never could have begun to imagine how much this endeavor would mean to me.  Simply put, this blog changed my life.  I started it all on a whim and in a fit of a big "why the hell not?!" tantrum.  I can remember sitting on my couch with my laptop balanced on my knees, staring at the blank blogger page and wondering what the heck I was doing.  A blog?  Me?!?!

And as I sit here on that same couch, comforted by a warm cup of coffee and contently reflecting on these past couple of months, I am in absolute awe and I have no one to thank but YOU.  Yes, you.  Sitting there in front of your computer, reading about my crazy culinary adventure.  I can't even begin to express my gratitude and how much each and every email, comment, picture and story means to me.  I am truly appreciative.

That being said, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention some extra special people that have been right there with me, every step of the way.  There is no way that I could have done all of this on my own and I am so very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life and I just want to put out some quick thank yous:

Mom: Thank you for being you.  Your unshakably sunny outlook on life is inspirational.  Thanks for teaching me to have faith (and for teaching me the secrets to one of the most delicious marinara sauces EVER).
Dad: Some of my most favorite memories growing up are of you and I in the kitchen on a Sunday, coming up with some sort of culinary concoction.  You've continuously told me that patience is a virtue and while you and I both know that isn't me, the reminder does help.
Beth: You are one of the strongest and most caring individuals I have ever met.  You're my best friend. Thanks for ALL the support and encouragement.  Love you sis.
Jen: You were the first person to become a fan of my blog and you've always supported me.  Thanks 'cuz.
Sara: Thanks for letting me regularly take over your kitchen to try out some new recipes.  I can't even begin to imagine Boston without you and your cute little family.  I'm going to miss you more than words can express.  Happy hour will never be the same.
Sarah: Thanks for the SBK photoshoot and offering to do anything possible to help me on this crazy endeavor.
Keith: Thanks for being such a good friend all these years and for being there for me on this little adventure.  I can almost forget the fact that you're a die-hard Yankees fan...almost.
Ant: Thanks for all the advice and feedback.  Couldn't have done it without you.  Your pro-bono work will pay you back in karma points.
Ryan: I don't even know where to start.  Thanks for the giant kick(s) in the ass, the morning catch-ups, the constant laughs and the consistent reminder that things do work out for people that believe in it and work for it.  You're the best.
Oona: You are one of the most amazing and intelligent people I know.  Thank you for being so wonderful and for trying out my recipes!
Laura: I'm so happy I met you and had the opportunity to work with you.  You are one of the most genuine and sincere people I know.  Thanks for all the support.  You're always the purple to my blue!
Andria: Thank you for listening to me talk about all of this in Spain over some Cava and acorn-fed ham (ha!) when this was all just a dream.
To all my foodie friends, it's so refreshing to meet such a wonderfully supportive group of people who get what this is all about.  You're all amazing people, doing amazing things and I am so happy to have met you.  Special thanks to: Alicia, The Clean Plate Club (http://www.thecleanplateclubblog.com/), Fiona, A Boston Food Diary (http://abostonfooddiary.blogspot.com/) Shatki, (www.smorgie.com) Rachel (http://forkitoverboston.blogspot.com/), Pam (http://cavecibum.blogspot.com/) Lara (http://www.goodcookdoris.com/) Megan (http://megan-deliciousdishings.blogspot.com/) Sarah (http://www.semisweetonline.com/)

I could go on (and on) with this list but it would take me forever to mention all those that have moved me and supported me through this crazy ordeal.  Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for believing that it's not the size of the kitchen, it's the passion and spirit the you bring to it.  From the bottom of my heart (and my stomach) I am truly grateful.

With much love,

The Small Boston Kitchen


Sara said...

Yaaaaaayyyy 100! You rock times 100.

Alicia said...

Keep up the good work SBK! Congrats on your 100th post!! Looking forward to driving home and food talk next weekend!

Megan said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Love your blog, and I'm looking forward to hundreds more!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Thank you all so much!

Lara @ GoodCookDoris said...

Congratulations! Here's too many more tasty posts!

Anonymous said...

Katie: Congratulations on your
100th Post! I love to read all about Boston and learn more about cooking!! Keep up the good work and keeping a smile on my face!!

Suzanne said...

I always look forward to your new posts and love your creativity, passion for tasty food and sense of fun! Congrats on your success and 100th post!

Boston Food Diary said...

Aww Thank you! Youre amazing! Good luck on your next 1,000- cant wait to read them!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Wow, all this flattery! I can't wait until my next 100th! Thanks so very much for all the kind words, it means the world.

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