Loco for BOLOCO

Tonight I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting with the CEO and co-founder of BOLOCO (which stands for BOston LOcal COmpany), a burrito chain specializing in delicious and unique concoctions.  With a peanut butter smoothie (coined "The Jimmy Carter" after our former Prez's love for peanuts) to my right, a Nutella smoothie to my left and a Memphis BBQ burrito front and center, I was soooo in my happy place.
For the better part of two hours I got to learn firsthand about BOLOCO from John Pepper (I only mention his full name here because I think that is THE BEST name for the founder of a burrito chain).  I found his personality incredibly refreshing and found myself (in between bites of burrito and sips of smoothie) hanging off of every word.  He exuded such a contagiously genuine passion for making people happy via burrito that it was hard to not feel moved.  One point he made that resonated with me was that his store isn't intended to recreate the burrito.  If anything, it's the opposite, recognizing it for it's origin and giving a modern face lift, so to speak.  I liked that philosophy and think that is very much in line with my foodie beliefs.  It's so nice to meet others that share that same jump-out-of-your-seat passion for food.  Special thanks to John and Jason, the executive chef for this evening's delicious meal and fantastic conversation.

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