The SBK Foodie Trivia Challenge

At almost 100 posts in, I think I've well established myself as a food nerd.  Boston is so rich in culinary history and I love taking in all the random foodie facts that make this city so wonderful.  And now, I challenge you, dear readers, to take my little Beantown foodie trivia challenge.  You think you know Boston food?  Do you?!  Well take my challenge and find out!

Answers will be revealed on Monday's post.

1. What famous Boston restaurant claims Boston Cream Pie as its own creation?

2. Name at least two famous people who have worked at the Omni Parker House Boston.

3. Former Cambridge resident, Julia Child, held this position before she became famous for her contribution to the culinary world.

4. In what Boston neighborhood did molasses flood the streets in 1919, killing 21 people and injuring 150?

6. What is the state drink of Massachusetts?

7. What is the state fish of Massachusetts?

8. America's oldest continuously run restaurant is in Boston.  What is its name?

9. What percentage of  the world's cranberries are grown in Massachusetts?

10. Why is Boston often referred to as Beantown?


Beth said...

Awesome idea! I wish I knew more of the answers...looks like I am not a Bostonian. :) Love the game though.

Rachel said...

Should I attempt to answer these in a comment (I think I know them all except for one...)? Or will that give it away to all the other contenders :)

Grant said...

MA state drink: Salty Harbor Tea?

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Thanks Beth, You'll have to check back Monday for the answers!

Rachel, I'm not surprised you know most! Which one has you stumped?

Grant, clever little answer, unfortunately no points for creativity!

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