The South End Buttery

Confession time, I have been to the South End Buttery twice in the last couple of weeks.  Once for dinner and a second time for brunch.  Tucked away from the bustling Treamont Street in the South End, this sweet little spot has cute decor (inspired by the owner's dogs) and has a rustic but still quaint feel to it.  When you walk in, you are "forced" to walk past bakery cases full of delicious looking cupcakes and other sweet treats to get through to the restaurant part.  If you walk straight to the back, you'll find yourself in the center of a dimly lit bar, packing only a couple of seats.  If you chose to be sat in the dining room, you'll follow a friendly server down narrow winding stairs to a seemingly hidden room.  Comfortable couch-like benches line the walls and are topped by throw pillows that seem to beg you to sit and relax over a glass of wine.  A small stone fireplace is fixed to the center wall of the room, further creating an atmosphere of relaxation.

For my money, I thought the breakfast was incredible and quite the value.  For just 10 bucks, I enjoyed a hearty portion of fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy and delicious home fries and breakfast sausage.  I complimented my meal with a hot cup of coffee and was in heaven.

When I visited The Buttery for dinner, I found the food to be good.  Nothing super surprising but I mean that in a good way.  Sometimes simplicity is key and I think The Buttery does it right.  A great atmosphere and good food, I will certainly be back.  Whether it be for another meal or just to enjoy their cozy little bar (or perhaps to treat myself to a cute little cupcake?) this is the type of place that is ideal for just hanging out and enjoying an afternoon or evening.

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Beth said...

That place is amazing! I love the dining area...it is definitely not what you would expect from seeing the upstairs. I completely agree with your post. It is a must see, or should I say that it is a must "dine". :)

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