Steve's Greek Restaurant

You don't go to Steve's for the atmosphere, unless of course you can secure one of three tables that overlooks Newbury Street and then you can people watch.  You also don't go to Steve's for the service.  It has never been outstanding.  What you got to Steve's for is some honest to goodness homemade traditional Greek food.

Situated on the corner of Boston's famed Newbury Street and Hereford Street, (and another location in Faneuil Hall) this place has been serving up great Greek dishes for quite some time now.  I've been a longtime fan of Steve's (and have converted half of my office to be as well) and although I have been here several times, I rarely veer away from my usual.  They make some of the best tzatziki around.  Loaded with dill and creamy from the thick Greek yogurt and served with some fresh pita bread, it's the perfect little snack. I've always followed up my tzatziki with a big bowl of their Avgolemono (lemon, chicken and rice) soup.  However, on this particular visit to Steve's, I found myself drawn to their Spinach pie lunch special and couldn't pass it up.  There is something so wonderful about spinach and feta encased in a crispy phyllo shell.  When you bite in, you get the crunch from the phyllo followed by the smooth creamy spinach, egg and feta combination.  It's just delicious.

Next time you have a hankering for some traditional Greek food, head on over to Steve's and ask for a table by the window.  You won't be sorry.

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Anonymous said...

this is where you introduced me to avgolemono soup which is now one of my favorites. i didn't know they were in faneuil hall as well - good to know as every time i've been to newbury it's slammed. for a good reason!

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