Tapeo: A Little Bit of Spain On Newbury St

Last summer, I took the opportunity to travel around Spain.  I went with one of my college roommates and it was two weeks of meeting amazing people, seeing breathtaking sights, train trips, flamenco shows, salsa dancing, getting lost and then of course, eating our way through the beautiful country.  It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and to me, it was a true adventure.

Before my trip to Spain, I had never really given Spanish food a second thought.  Sure, I liked tapas as much as the next guy, but Spanish cuisine never stuck out to me until I got the chance to experience it first hand.  Paella, tomato rubbed bread, Spanish omelet, fresh salads, manchego cheese and of course, Spanish ham. Now, I'm a true convert and seek out places that remind me of those memorable two weeks and Tapeo certainly does just that, remind me of Spain.

If you weren't paying attention, you might miss this little spot on Newbury Street.  There is only a small sign above the doorway of a set of stairs that open up to a dimly lit bar.  Traditional and ornately detailed Spanish tiles line the walls.  The dining room upstairs is half golden walls and half Spanish tile and dotted with trinkets.  I had the pleasure of sitting in front of the fireplace, underneath a giant set of flamenco dancer's legs that were protruding from the wall.  It seemed a bit odd and out of place but I guess they were trying to incorporate elements of Spain.

The food was okay.  In my opinion, a little pricey for what you got and really, I felt like you were paying for that atmosphere and of course, the Newbury St. address.  Frankly, I think this is an awesome place for a change of pace happy hour and a couple of bites (might I suggest the roasted red pepper, manchego cheese and olives plate?)  but for dinner, it probably wouldn't be my first pick.

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