Five Minute Asian Salad

Oh my is this easy.  I mean embarrassingly easy and the very best part is that is looks oh so pretty!  This would be a great starter to a dinner party or toss in a little chicken or beef and this could be a main meal.  The way that the flavors play off of each other and the variety of textures, this is a taste bud pleaser.  This is one of those dishes than can just be thrown together, yet it still has that little something extra that makes that "wow" statement.  And the best part?  It could not be easier to make.

Okay kitchen lovers, start your engines (err, get your ingredients out?)

- Arugula
- Hoisin Sauce
- Rice Wine Vinegar
- Red Curry Paste
- Mandarin orange segments
- Zucchini
- Sesame seeds
- Slivered almonds

Get your stop watches ready and set to five minutes annnnnnd.....GO!!!

To start, finely shred some zucchini.  (I have a handy little peeler that cuts through a zucchini in seconds).  Next, add in a spoonful of Hoisin Sauce (a sweet sauce usually found in the Asian section of most grocery stores).  In a separate small bowl, toss in some rice wine vinegar and a couple pinches of Red Curry Paste.  Whisk that together so that it makes a reddish orange sauce.  Pour that over the zucchini shreds.  Next, plate up some arugula and mandarin orange segments.  Put the zucchini shreds on top and drizzle any remaining sauce over the arugula.  Top with sesame seeds and slivered almonds.

And STOP! How's it looking?  Oh, what's that?  You finished making this salad two minutes ago and you're already eating it?  Nice work.  Hi-five.

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