The Best Frozen Yogurt Flavor On The Planet

Right around this time of year, every year, I get an incurable craving pang for my favorite ice cream: JP Lick's Oatmeal Cookie frozen yogurt.  (Please note; I don't toss around the term "favorite" frequently) Without fail, I know that summer is undoubtedly here because about a half an hour or so, on a hot evening right after I've finished up dinner, I start to get the urge to take a little stroll down to JP Licks and before I know it, my Sox hat is on and I'm well on my way there.  It's like clockwork.

Tonight was the first of those nights and I couldn't help but childishly grin down at my little cup of ice cream.  The flavor of this particular kind is unbeatable, untouchable and unreal.  It's kind of like a ground up oatmeal cookie in cold, smooth ice cream form.  With hints of warm cinnamon, and microscopic bits of oatmeal cooking swirling around, it hits your tongue with a velvety touch and then satisfyingly bounces off your taste buds.  

I've come to notice that I tend to walk a little quickly to JP Licks with a sort of "eyes on the prize" pace and the goal of getting this sweet treat in my hands and down to my belly.  However, the walk home looks a little different.  It's more of a slow and leisurely stroll that allows me to enjoy each bite as I walk.  I even get little twinge of sadness when I can start to see the bottom of the cup; the sure sign that the enjoyment of my little treat is coming to a end.  Throwing the cup away, I'm already looking forward to the next time my craving strikes.

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Boston Food Diary said...

Oatmeal cookie YOGURT??? Love it! I've only seen it and ice cream form and while tasty- a bit more of a "treat" than yogurt! I feel an addiction coming on....

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