Not Your Average Turkey Burger

Turkey burgers always seem like a good idea.  You get to enjoy all of the pleasure of having a burger, but at a fraction of the caloric intake of a regular burger.  The flaw in this plan?  Turkey burgers are usually pretty lackluster, dried out and flavorless (due to less fat in the meat).  Not this turkey burger creation, no sir!  This is a flavor-packed version that can't even compare with the turkey burgers of yore.  Instead, these are light and you could even describe them as being refreshing.

So why are these so great and what makes them so different?  The secret is the addition of Greek yogurt and a mass amount of cilantro, mint and basil.  When you mix these ingredients into the meat and then hand pack the patties, something wonderful happens.  The extra moisture from the yogurt stays locked inside, yielding a highly flavorful meal.  Then the freshness from the herbs hit you with a punch of summery flavor, this is a great change-up for when you are craving a burger but want something a little lighter.

To compliment the burger and dress it up a little bit, I created a lemon, cumin and basil sauce with some of the leftover yogurt.  This was a refreshing little flavor booster and a great compliment to the meal.  I paired the burger with a light summery salad of mache lettuce, blueberries, and watermelon pieces topped off with some salty feta cheese and a light lemon dressing.  There was so much flavor going on with each bite, this was an exciting meal for the taste buds and a delicious one to enjoy on a nice summer evening.

Herbed Turkey Burger
* Serves 4

For the Burgers
- 1 lb lean ground turkey
- A large handful of fresh cilantro, basil and mint, all minced together
- A bout 1/4 c of 2% Greek Yogurt
- Salt and pepper
- 4 hamburger buns (I used sourdough rolls)

For the Yogurt sauce
- A couple of basil leaves, thinly sliced
- A couple spoonfuls of 2% Greek yogurt
- A couple pinches of cumin
- About a tbs of fresh lemon juice
- Salt and Pepper to taste

For the Salad
- 1 bag of mache lettuce
-  A couple handfuls of fresh blueberries
- Watermelon chunks
- A couple spoonfuls of crumbled feta cheese
- Lemon juice
- A little bit of Olive oil

To start, Make the turkey patties by combining the turkey meat with the yogurt and herbs.  You can either cook them on the grill, bake them (easy clean up and I like the nice little crust that forms) or fry them.  I baked them for about 10-15 minutes until the juices ran clear.  Let them rest for a couple of minutes so that the juices don't run out.

To make the yogurt sauce, combine all ingredients and stir to combine.  For the salad, toss all ingredients in a bowl and serve immediately.


Boston Food Diary said...

These look so amazingly delicious! I love Turkey Burgers and am always trying to come up with new ways to get them to maintain some moisture- this is a great one!

Katy Mary said...

I love Turkey burgers, one of my absolute favs to grill. I will have to try this recipe because it sounds delicious, I love all the herbs you used they definitely sound like perfect summer herbs!

Sara.S said...

I made the watermelon and blueberry salad for two BBQs last weekend and it was a HUGE hit both times. Got asked for the recipe (so of course I shared the blog link too--I didn't take the credit although I was tempted cause it's so good). Thanks for making me feel like a grown up who can bring more than chips and salsa to a summer gathering!

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