"Dishing" on Blondie Brownies

When's the last time you thought about Blondie Brownies?  For me, it's been a little while and not really for any good reason.  The other day I happened to remember (last minute of course) that I had promised my co-workers that I would bring in a little sweet treat for one of their birthday's.  Being in a relatively lazy sort of mood, I was hoping to find something that I could make from the ingredients that I had on hand, rather than trek all the way to the grocery store, which seems pretty far when you're feeling lazy.  I started by googling "easy baked goods" and "5 ingredients or less desserts" but most of it seemed kind of lame (and ice cream sundaes don't really travel well, which is something that popped up frequently on the search).  After some fruitless searches, it occurred to me that I have this giant network of fantastic foodies that are constantly publishing fantastic recipes, right at my fingertips.

With the focus of my search being on desserts, I turned to one of my favorite local food bloggers, Megan, from Delicious Dishings.  She is a part-time editor and part-time pastry chef at the super popular Flour Bakery + Cafe.  Her blog seemed like a natural starting point for me and I was right.  Within about 5 minutes I had found a recipe for a blondie brownie that seemed pretty straightforward, easy and requiring everything that I already had on hand.  Well, almost everything.  I ended up tweaking it slightly and used hazelnuts instead of walnuts and mini chocolate chips instead of larger ones like the recipe calls for.  This recipe was crazy easy.  I think it took me a whopping 15 minutes to pull together, if that.  And the end result?  These were good!  They ended up being a cookie-like bar and my co-workers loved them.  They were buttery and chocolatey and the nuts supplied a nice little crunch.  If I'm ever in a bind, or want to make something quick, I'll keep this recipe on hand.  Thanks Megan!

To view the recipe and Megan's blog post, click here.


Rachel said...

So, random food blogger connections... I work with Megan at Forrester! And as you know, your little sister is a good friend of my BFF Julie-Anne! Small world, huh?

PS - those look delish, as soon as I have a kitchen back (we are in appliance and renovation hell) we are going to make those!

Mike said...

These pictures make me so hungry! If i weren't already making homemade tapioca tonight (mmmm), i'd be making these bars. But fear not, i'm bookmarking the recipe...and i'll be making a big old platter of them very soon!

Megan said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them! I kind of want to try them with mini chips and different nuts now too.

I'm actually full-time at Flour now (and still editing part-time). I know... I'm crazy! :)

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