My Mom Rocks

As far as Moms go, mine is kind of a bit of awesome.  Okay, really awesome.  She the type of woman who will greet you with a giant smile and a huge hug (even if you've just met her).  And she's a real good hugger too.  Quite possibly one of the best, in fact.  This weekend me and my awesome Mom are going to be hanging out for a little "Mom and Me" weekend.  We've been planning this for months it seems.  When did the summer get so busy?  Today my Momma is headed out from the other side of the state to the City of Beans to spend the weekend taking in the city, shopping and of course, eating.

For weeks I've been brainstorming restaurants to go to (and even solicited advice and recommendations from fellow foodies) and have it narrowed down to a couple of options for her to chose from.  I'm also planning on making dinner on Sunday night so that in and of itself needed thought and planning (I'm thinking maybe a classic summertime meal of BBQ chicken and my zucchini cakes that I made the other night?  But that's just my initial thought right now.  This could change 15 more times before tomorrow..).

Now I'm off the the gym and then the grocery store so I can stock up on some fun eats before my special guest arrives.  Have a wonderful weekend and be on the lookout for some pictures of this fun-filled weekend!

Stay cool Boston!  It's gonna be a hot one out there!

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Boston Food Diary said...

YAY YOU! Have a great time!!!

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