Happy Spain Day!

It's Spain Day!  And what exactly is Spain Day?  Let me tell you..It's a day that was set aside to celebrate my trip to Spain, which began one year ago today.  While in Spain, my traveling buddy/former college roommate and I made a pact that we would make a formal holiday out of the one year anniversary of our trip.  We planned to celebrate by playing hooky from work, eat Spanish food and reminisce about the best two week vacation that I've ever taken.

We started the trip in Madrid, then were off to Sevilla, headed to Barcelona and then back to Madrid.  I loved every single second of it:

the culture

the buildings, architecture, sights and sounds

and of course, the food.  Oh the food....(and the sangria and wine)

I loved my trip to Spain and miss being there but I know life will find me there again. Until then, I have Spain Day to keep reminding me of this fantastic country.  Ahhh Espana, te amo.  

So what's on tap for today?  We'll be bouncing around the city, enjoying the weather, eating tapas and just talking about how awesome our vacation was.  It's my personal philosophy that life's too short not to celebrate each and every minute of it.  Even if you have to take time away from whatever else is going on in life and create a silly little holiday.  

Feliz Dia de Espana!


Boston Food Diary said...

YAY! Happy Spain Day!!!! I hope you have an amazing time!- and please have a glass of Sangria for me :-)

Bouff said...

I'm more jealous than most since I've never had sangria. Clearly you are the winner of Friday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Spain Day to us!! These pictures bring back so many memories of just one year ago today! Despite how delicious the food looks in these pictures, the photos' do no justice in comparisson to what it all tasted like.

Cheers to our day ahead in Spain (Boston)

Alicia said...

Happy Spain day! Sounds like fun. I think I might pick up some serrano and manchego and celebrate too :)

Jen said...

Sounds good to me.

I like a good holiday :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you definitely wore your party hat all day! Great idea and glad you had fun!!

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