My Saturday Morning Cup

I'm a morning person.  I always have been and suspect, I always will be.  I am my father's daughter in that sense and weekends are no exception.  I don't particularly mind this little habit of mine; being up earlier than the rest of the world, I like getting up and getting some things accomplished before I start my day.

Today was not like that.

For whatever reason, my body just decided, "you know what, dude?  It's been a long week.  I know those eyes just opened and the clock said 7 but ignore it.  Close those eyes back up, roll over and go back to bed."  My brain didn't even put up its usual fight. "C'mon buddy, let's get up!  Think of all those things we can check off our list before the day really even starts.  You don't want to sleep away your day, do you?"  I'm pretty sure that even if my brain had put up its usual argument, my body would have just rolled its eyes and then closed them.  Tightly.

Oh Saturday Morning, you're amazing and I've kind of dubbed today sort of a lazy kind of day.  It's supposed to be a scorcher of a day and I'm content just hanging out in the cool air conditioning of my apartment.  As I write this, I'm quite enjoying my usual daily cup of coffee and with it being a lazy sort of day, it's nice to be able to spend more time, taking in each sip and enjoying the comfort of it.  

If you remember from last month's coffee post, I had gotten a new coffee maker and I am still madly in love with it.  To help me celebrate this arrival to my kitchen counter, the guys, and fellow bloggers, at Coffee for Less had sent me a box of k-cup coffee pods.  This month again, they graciously sent me a new box of k-cups to try, Green Mountain Coffee Vermont Country Blend.  It's a little more subtle than the Newman's Own Extra Bold that they had sent me last month, which is nice for a morning like today when I'm not looking for my coffee to smack me in the face, just looking for it to be smooth, velvety and simply enjoyable.  In my opinion, this is the "every man's/woman's" coffee.  Perfect for anyone who just wants to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.  It's not fussy and complex, just a all around great cup of coffee.

Well I'm off to relax and maybe even indulge in a second cup of coffee?  I do have a very exciting event to attend this evening that I will talk about tomorrow and on Monday....I have a special little surprise for my readers.........be sure to check back!

Enjoy your Saturday Morning!


Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

I'm not a coffee drinker but this is one of the coffee flavors that they offer at my office and I like it a lot!

Megan said...

That's my favorite K-cup flavor! I stock up on VT Country Blend, and my boyfriend gets the French Vanilla and Rainforest Nut.

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