I'm All About Eggplants

So I lied.  I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, it just happened, but at least I'm coming clean about it, right?  I was sifting through some pictures that I took with my old camera and literally forgot to post and write about something that I had, just a couple days ago!  So very sorry dear readers, it appears this will be the last posting with the old camera.  All I can say is wow!  What a difference a new camera makes!

Without further adieu, on to tonight's post..

Eggplant is one of those things that I have just started getting into.  I really can't say why its taken me so long to appreciate and understand how delicious and versatile it really is.  Similar to the mushroom, eggplants are like little sponges that soak up the flavors of whatever you're working with.  And when you roast them or fry them up?  That's when the magic really starts.  They take on this light and soft texture that is just so incredible.  Yum, yum, yum!  Why hadn't I known this sooner?  I've been missing out on years of eggplant deliciousness.

To make up for some lost time, I made some quick-fried eggplants and then topped it all of with a simple, yet so delicious heirloom tomato basil and mozzarella salad.  The fresh salad complimented the crispy exterior of the fried eggplant, that once bitten into, gave way to soft eggplant.

To fry up the eggplant, I used a traditional egg wash (two eggs and a little splash of water) and an even mix of breadcrumbs and cornmeal.  I really liked the cornmeal here, it provided a little extra depth to the texture of the dish and gave my little eggplants a nice golden hue.

Oh dear sweet eggplants, where have you been all my life?

Fried Eggplant and Tomato Salad
- 1 eggplant, peeled and sliced into rounds
- About 2 cups of breadcrumbs
- About 1 cup cornmeal
- 2 eggs
- A splash of water
- 2 tomatoes (I used heirloom tomatoes here), diced
- Chopped fresh mozzarella
- A couple leaves of fresh basil
- A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
- A drizzle of balsamic
- Salt and pepper to taste

Heat some olive oil in a heavy pan on medium high heat.  Dip the eggplant rounds into the egg and water mixture and then dip them in bread crumb/cornmeal mixture.  Lay the breaded eggplants into a pan and let them for fry for a couple of minutes.  Meanwhile, assemble the tomatoes, basil, a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic and mozzarella into a bowl and mix it together.  Set aside.  Keep checking the eggplant, and turn it when it starts to soften and the outside starts to brown a little.  Once the eggplant is browned on both sides, put them on the plate and top with the tomato salad.  Serve immediately.


Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

I really love eggplant! I like to do something similar except that I bake instead of fry. It is a tad bit healthier and a lot easier for clean up!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Very true, there would be less olive oil involved in baking the eggplants, but then you miss out on that beautiful olive oil tinged crunch! That to me is worth the extra effort in cleaning. Although, either method you choose, it all involves delicious, sweet eggplants!

Lizzy said...

I love eggplant! I just made something with eggplant that I have to post. Love your blog : )

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

My fiance loves the crunchy parts whenever we bread anything (chicken, eggplant, etc.). He calls them the "bits" and thinks we should market it as a snack ;-)

Boston Food Diary said...

Looks delicious SBK! I love the contrasting colors from the beautiful tomatoes and basil. It's gorgeous! What a great way to celebrate some great ingredients.

Stephanie Savors the Moment said...

Gotta love eggplant - what a wicked great post! I just signed up to follow your fabulous blog:) Stop by and visit sometime at www.stephaniesavorsthemoment.com - Cheers!

Beth B. said...

I have never tried eggplant but if you want to make that for me, I would be more than happy to!! :)

Megan said...

I love eggplant too! One of my favorite things to make is a simple eggplant parm... just fry up the eggplant like you did and layer it with sauce and cheese. Yum! This salad looks like it could quickly become my favorite dinner.

MichellePC said...

I love this recipe! I actually just posted a recipe for eggplant chips, and they were seriously addictive. The heirloom tomatoes you used look gorgeous, too!

KC said...

Eggplant is so versatile - you can use it in pasta dishes, curries, stir fries, and more. But your recipe looks great right now since tomatoes are in season.

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