Baked Beer Battered Buffalo Onion Rings with Buffalo Dipping Sauce

Baked Beer Battered Buffalo Onion Rings with Buffalo Dipping Sauce
Growing up, there was no question about it, Sundays during the fall and early winter were devoted to football, and more specifically, the Pat's and nothing (and I do mean nothing) got in the way of that.  Beautiful fall days where the amber colored leaves are almost twinkling in the sunlight?  No chance were we spending it outside picking apples, the Pats were playing the Jets.  A friend of mine calling to gossip and chatter on about how the most popular guy in school knew her name?  Sorry pal, no time for that right now, the Pat's have a big game against the Colts and it's almost kick-off time.  (Call you at 4:30?)

Suffice it to say, football ruled all Sunday happenings.

From the time I asked, "Daddy, what color are the outfits of the team you like?" all the way through college, where Sunday after Sunday, I was the girl that maintained a firm spot on the beat-up couch with my guy friends, and up until now, where I still spend my Sundays cheering on the Pats, football has been a big part of my life and I like that.  Yelling at the TV (just like my Dad taught me), I love to spend my Sundays curled up on the couch, watching the game.  And of course, along with the game, comes game day food and today, with it being the Pat's opener, some classic sports watching food was certainly in order.

Buffalo Dipping Sauce

Aren't beer and buffalo sauce the perfect combo?
Today I created baked beer battered buffalo onion rings with a buffalo dipping sauce.  And, let's just put it this way, if you don't make these at some point during the season you are sorely missing out.  Taking a healthy twist on this game day fave, I dredged the onion rings through a beer batter and some breadcrumbs and then baked them up until they crisped up and the ring of onion on the inside got all soft and sweet.  When you combine that with a hot tongue stinging buffalo sauce it's game day cuisine at its finest.

Go Pats!

Baked Beer Battered Buffalo Onion Rings With Buffalo Dipping Sauce

For the onion rings:

- 1 -2 onions, peeled and sliced thin
- 2 eggs
- About 1 tbs of buffalo sauce (I used Archie's Moore's Original)
- About 1 cup flour
- About 1 cup breadcrumbs
- About 1/4 c. light beer (I used Miller Lite)

For the dipping sauce:

- About 1 cup sour cream (I used fat free)
- About 1/4 cup buffalo sauce
- Sliced chives or green onions (optional)

Start by mixing the two eggs, 1 tbs of buffalo sauce and the beer into a large bowl.  In separate shallow bowls, place the flour in one and the breadcrumbs in the other.  Dredge the onion rings through the beer batter and then into the flour.  Return the onion rings to the beer batter and then dredge them through the breadcrumbs.  Lay onto a large baking pan and bake at 400 degrees until the edges crisp up.

While the onions are baking, combine the sour cream with the buffalo sauce.  Top with the green onions and serve alongside the hot onion rings.  For best results, enjoy with a frosty beer and the Patriots on TV.


Shannon said...

Oh I love onion rings and buffalo too!? I NEED to make this. Thanks!

Megan said...

I like watching the games, but I have to admit that while Jeff is usually yelling at the TV, I'm curled up on the couch sleeping. I blame it on the announcers... their voices just soothe me to sleep. :) These onion rings look awesome!

Barbara | VinoLuciStyle said...

I so love onion rings but typically don't make them because of the frying piece...that fat is what makes them taste soooo good. I'll have to try your version; the addition of a hot sauce component is so appealing!

MichellePC said...

I love how these are baked, and the addition of buffalo sauce sounds incredibly tasty! This is the perfect recipe to post at the start of football season, too. Thanks for the idea!

Daisy said...

These look AWESOME. I want to make them. I missed the season opener because I was traveling! :(

Eliana said...

These look AWESOME and have game night written all over them!

Liz said...

I think I may need to send away for this Buffalo Sauce. These look incredible!

Michael Brau said...

These look delicious. Ever try preparing them with panko?

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

These came out really well and they are a total "recipe keeper", especially for game day. Thanks for all the comments!

Michael, I tried panko and while it crisped up nice, it seemed to not coat the onions as thoroughly as the regular, fine breadcrumbs. Might have to give them another try, thanks!

Jennifer said...

I made these last night with burgers and they were freaking AMAZING! I borrowed a technique from another baked onion ring recipe and pre-heated a couple tablespoons of oil on a pan in the oven (not too long - oil smokes!) I baked the rings with a little bit of oil and they were incredible. The sauce rocks too - my husband loved it.

And the panko crumbs worked out just fine for me. I used the 4C brand.

Rachel Mack said...

Watching football with that as your game day food would be awesome! Your dad must have been very happy with you. Haha! With a buffalo onion rings, beer and any other comfort food in hand, I guess it wouldn’t matter if the team you’re cheering for would win or not, as long as you have fun while watching and the snacks keep coming!

Rachel Mack @ Sam's Hof Brau

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