Eggland's Best Featured Recipe: Spicy Poached Egg over Cheddar Fried Potatoes

Scrambled, fried or folded over into an omelet, over easy, sunny side up and poached into a neat little pocket, eggs are incredible.  Often my go-to option when I'm so exhausted from hours on my feet at culinary school I can't even see straight, there's nothing more satisfying then whisking together some eggs and grabbing some bits of this and that from the fridge to make an effortless, light, yet still satisfying dinner.  That being said, a quick scramble might be all fine and good for a night when I'm eating my dinner standing up in my kitchen sporting my most comfortable sweatpants, but sometimes I think there needs to be a little more pomp and circumstance.  Sometimes that egg just needs to be shown a little more respect and given more attention and made into the type of meal you sit at the table for and heartily enjoy.

When Eggland's Best contacted me and asked me to create a recipe featuring their eggs, I, being fresh off of a couple of weeks at school focusing solely on the egg and feeling particularly geeky, wanted to first find out if their eggs truly were superior (and worth the often additional cost) when compared to the average grocery store variety.  Buying one carton of generic large grocery store eggs and one carton of large Eggland's Best Eggs, both bearing approximately the same expiration date, I got home and cracked one egg from each carton and separated the whites from the yokes to test for freshness.  I found that the Eggland's Best had the whites clinging to the yoke much more firmly (this indicates freshness).  The Eggland's Best egg also was a significantly deeper and brighter shade of yellow, usually indicating the chicken's diet and additionally making for a more flavorful egg and much more beautiful presentation, proving that these are the types of eggs you buy to enjoy as the main part of a meal, not hide into a baked good.

Once I was done playing mad scientist in my kitchen, I got to work creating a recipe featuring the Eggland's Best Egg.  Lately I've been obsessed with poached eggs, I just love the theatrics of them.  They sit there, all soft and delicate until a small pierce from a  fork releases the yoke, which rushes out in a waterfall of thick, creamy deliciousness.  I had always been intimidated by poaching eggs, it seemed so tricky but it's actually quite simple.  As long as you carefully slide an egg into a salt and vinegared almost-boiling water bath (steam should be coming off the surface and little bubbles should be streaming to the top) then you'll be totally fine and well on your way to a deliciously poached egg.

I particularly like this recipe because it starts with a bed of ultra crispy red potato disks topped with melted tangy sharp cheddar cheese and then the star of the show, the poached egg, is delicately placed on top and fiery chipotle-tomato sauce is lightly spooned on top while vibrant green parsley tumbles over, providing a light accent of fresh flavor.  These are the types of eggs that mornings were made for.  

Check out the recipe (and more pictures) after the jump!

Post disclaimer: the content of this post reflects my views and thoughts on Eggland's Best Eggs.  I was no compensated for the statements made and although had been asked to create a recipe for them, was not asked to compare and contrast their eggs versus average grocery store eggs.  That's just a result of my own geekiness and me wanting to share :)

Spicy Poached Egg over Cheddar Fried Potatoes
Serves 2

- 2 red bliss potatoes, sliced very thinly
- 2 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus extra for the pan
- Salt and Pepper to taste
- ½ cup grated sharp cheddar cheese
- 1 cup of good quality canned diced tomatoes
- 1 clove garlic, finely minced
- 1-2 TBS chipotle puree (depending how hot you like it)
- 2 Eggland’s Best Eggs
- Water for poaching
- 1 generous splash of distilled white vinegar
- Fresh chopped parsley (optional)

In a large skillet, add 2 TBS extra virgin olive oil and lay the potato slices over the oil.  Season with salt and pepper and turn the heat on medium-high.  Keep the potatoes frying, turning occasionally until the potatoes start to brown and become crispy.  Once this has happened, push all the potatoes to the center of the pan and separate into two piles.  Sprinkle with cheese, turn off the heat, cover and set aside. 

In another pan, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and heat the garlic until it starts to soften.  Add the diced tomatoes and chipotle puree.  Salt and pepper to taste and let the sauce simmer until ready to serve.

In a shallow pot, bring water, generous splash of vinegar and a couple pinches of salt to a hot simmer (The water should be steaming and little bubbles should be rising to the top).  Crack one egg into a small and shallow bowl and slowly slide the egg into the hot water.  Repeat the process with the remaining egg.  When the eggs starts to turn a consistent white color, gently remove the egg from the water and remove any excess white lacy parts of the whites.

To assemble, carefully place the pile of potatoes and cheese onto a plate.  Top with the poached egg and spoon the sauce over the egg.  Sprinkle with parsley, serve immediately.  


ashleigh said...

I NEED to make this! Eggs and potatoes are my very favorite thing to make myself for breakfast on the weekends. Those cheddar potatoes sound and look awesome! Now, I'll just have to conquer my fear of the poached egg!

Melissa said...

I don't even know if I like poached eggs but this whole dish looks amazing! Curious to try poaching!

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

After attending the Eggland's Best dinner last year at Stella, I only use Eggland's Best eggs!

Daisy said...

I still have yet to poach an egg. lord knows I eat enough of them out for brunch. Yours looks so beautifully done, awesome dish!

Oga @ MangoTomato said...

love eggs for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner!

and you combined them with potatoes: yum!

I also like to poach mine in a combination of sauteed onions, garlic and canned tomatoes. It's called Shakshuka: dinner in one saucepan.

Betsy said...

this looks fabulous!

Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

Now those are some gorgeous potatoes. I wish I could make breakfast look this good!

Megan said...

Greta experiment. I can notice subtle taste differences too and would rather poach an EB egg than most others...

The breakfast looks crazy good!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Totally agree, there is a difference. I now buy EB eggs for poaching and other things that have the egg as the focus of the meal and then I have grocery store brand eggs on hand for baking, etc. (I go through a lot of eggs!)

And to those who haven't poached before, get on it and give it a try! Definitely easier than I thought it would be. Once you start, it's hard to stop!

Anonymous said...

How did you get such a beautiful picture of poaching that egg?! Also, this looks absolutely delicious. I'm so jealous that you ate this, that I think I'll have to try it myself :)

Anonymous said...

That's it. I am going to try poaching an egg. It is writing now, you can hold me to it! Amazing picture of the floating egg BTW!

Anonymous said...

I love poached eggs and have been trying to master them lately. I'm getting better, but still a long way to go! Yours look gorgeous!

KC said...

Confession: I've never poached an egg! But you've inspired me to try..looks great.

Lizzy said...

That looks like the most beautiful poached egg I've ever seen. Over crispy potatoes and a spicy sauce- I definitely need to make this. Looks like an award winning dish!

PS- you should do a post on the art of poaching eggs!

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

Ooooh great recipe! I recently posted about having fried eggs for dinner (on top of some greens) but poached eggs over potatoes sounds delectable as well!!

Oh and I love how you played mad scientist comparing the eggs :)

Alicia said...

Gorgeous pictures Katie!

I also love eggs for a quick weeknight dinner - they are so satisfying.

I exclusively buy egglands best eggs at the grocery store - unless I can buy local eggs at a farmers market. I think they're the best tasting eggs.

Elizabeth @ Saffron Lane said...

I'm with you -- nothing quite satisfies like an egg. Even better, an egg dish with some heat and gooey cheddar cheese. Thanks for the recipe!

Jen said...

I appreciate your geekiness :) And I definitely agree that EB eggs are great when they're the star of the show. I haven't ever poached eggs at home, but it's definitely worth a shot...

kitchen units said...

It looks like the most impressive I have ever seen and poached egg. Crispy potatoes and spicy sauces-absolutely need this.

nose surgery said...

I still do not boil an egg. God knows I have enough to eat brunch out. You look very pretty complete, awesome food! Now, these are some gorgeous potatoes. I hope I can do is to look this good breakfast!

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