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Not that long ago, my good friend Keith had suggested that I create a new category for my blog that highlights some of my very favorite recipes.  Not a bad idea, I think.  His reasoning was that at this point in my blog career I've categorized so many recipes, but if he were to call me and ask for advice on what to make for (insert occasion here), what are some of my best/favorite recipes that I would talk to him about? 

As about 95% of the recipes that I make on here are my own and something that I'm making for the first time, there's some that I just really fall deeply in love with.  So, in the spirit of today's hearts and love holiday, I'm introducing a new category, "Recipes I Love".  This will include things that I make that I think are particularly good.  That's not to say that I don't like my other recipes (if I don't like something, it doesn't get posted until it's just right) but these are just my favorites and things that I would definitely recommend to anyone to make.  I'll be constantly adding to the list and I'm going to be picky about it too.  Not many will make this elite status and something's gotta be extra special to make the list (I smell a personal challenge brewing).  Hope you enjoy, happy love day!

Perfect Sunday Brunch: Spicy Poached Egg Over Cheddar Fried Potatoes
Dinner with Friends? Philly Cheesesteak Mac and Cheese
Great Cold or Hot: Pomegranate Cranberry Quinoa Salad
Not your average pizza: Apple and Sausage Pizza with Pumpkin Beer Sauce
Eggplant "Meatballs"
Perfect for a party: Baked Beer Battered Buffalo Onion Rings
Summer Veggie Cakes (*Sigh*)


Sally said...

Those meatballs look very tempting--a perfect "meatless Monday" treat--I bet they'd be good on top of spaghetti, too :)

Shannon said...

Oh wow... those all look AMAZING! I've been meaning to make your eggplant "meatballs" for awhile... and that Philly Cheesesteak Mac & Cheese!?

Melissa said...

Great idea! I want to make your spicy poached eggs soon, and I've tried your eggplant meatballs recipe too and liked it a lot.

Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

Those poached eggs are seriously a work of art... and the onion rings aint bad either. YUM!

Megan said...

I was hoping that Philly cheesesteak mac & cheese would be on there. I am making that one of these days!

Alicia said...

I was hoping that pizza would make it -- I still think the pumpkin beer sauce is one of the most creative things of all time.

Jen said...

I've had your quinoa salad and it's awesome so I'm definitely going to have to try the other things on your list.

Meesh said...

definitely still need to make the philly cheesesteak mac and cheese! the poached eggs like gorgeous!

Eliana said...

Oh man these are all making my mouth water! Every one looks better than the one before.

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