Appetizers on the Fly at the BCAE

Chef Burger Boy toasting some spices
One of the most rewarding things that I find about teaching is watching people learn. I love seeing that "ah-ha!" moment and watching people go from not knowing exactly how to hold a knife to feeling confident chopping away. Ah, the mighty, mighty power of food...

Spiced Chicken Skewers
This week, Burger Boy and I were at the Boston Center of Adult Education again to teach a class on how to make great appetizers with little hands-on time and without sacrificing flavor. The inspiration for this class came from the private classes that we've been teaching. It seems the "what's something easy that I can make to take to a party" question always comes up. Our class was designed to help answer that question, as well as give time and money saving tips. We also designed a menu that would be interchangeable, based on what's in someone's pantry.

Making meatballs
Throughout the class, we made four different dips - Tapenade, Tzatziki, Eggplant, Tomatillo Salsa and made an assortment of items to dip with - crostini, pita chips, endive, lamb and pork meatballs and chicken skewers. The idea is that any of these dips would pair perfectly with any of the other items that we made, meaning more snacking options. 

Tomatillo Salsa and Spiced Pita Chips
This was my second class at the Boston Center of Adult Education and I really enjoyed myself and I look forward to these classes. There's something so personally satisfying about sharing some tricks in the kitchen and talking with people of all different skill levels who, in some way or another, all love food. Special thanks to our class this weekend, we had a blast and hope you did too! And thank you for agreeing to let me snap pictures and write about our class. Burger Boy and I are scheduled to do another class in December. Hope to see you there!

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Elizabeth said...

So exciting that you're teaching classes!! Looks like a good one!

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