Brookline's Got A New Guy In Town..Cutty's Sandwich Shop

Perpetually on the quest for the perfect sandwich, or at least someone whose going to shake things up a bit, I couldn’t wait to try Cutty’s (http://www.cuttyfoods.com/).  Located in Brookline Village and open for only one week, it is tucked away from the main Harvard Street drag but you can’t miss its bright orange sign and bold orange knife.  Once you walk in, you immediately feel at home.  This small space has a clean, sort of bare bones approach with rustic wooden tables (that I assume are meant to signify chopping blocks) and metal chairs that give it a sleek finish.  Walking to the back of the large hallway style shop, you can start to see culinary magic unfolding as the super friendly staff hurriedly prepares sandwiches for eager customers.

The menu is not enormous but you don’t feel like it needs to be.  Providing a good amount of Italian meats, turkey, cheeses and roast pork options (on Saturdays only).  I opted for a veggie selection, partly because I had just had a killer work out at the gym and was craving something a little lighter and partly because I think if you can master the art of making a bunch of vegetables fantastic on a sandwich, there isn’t much else you can’t do.   

As I sit here, new laptop in front of me and my sautéed greens, crispy shallots and a saffron yogurt sauce on ciabatta bread before me, I must say that I am very satisfied.  The greens are wilted to perfection and create this base of earthy, rustic deliciousness.  The surprising thing here is that the shallots really are crispy.  Every once in a while I get a subtle crunch from them as I take a bite.  Are they deep fried?  Are they somehow breaded?  The real yum element is the saffron yogurt sauce that is sunny yellow in color and delicately coating my greens.  It’s so fresh and unique and compliments everything else so well.  Not over powering at all, it just gives such a great additional kick of flavor.  And of these distinctly delicious ingredients are encased in delightfully crunchy ciabatta bread.  The only gripe I have, if I had to pick one, would be the portion size.  Maybe I was just extra hungry or maybe because it is so good that I don’t want it to end.   Either way, I would have liked a little more on my plate. 

Simply put, yum.  Watch out Cutty’s, I will be back!

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