Thank You Boloco!

About a month back, I got invited to attend an event at Boloco (a yummy little burrito shop with locations all over the Boston area) where I got to sample their new menu and learn more about the company.  While munching on burritos and sipping smoothies and milkshakes, the conversation got to snack foods and chips and, to be a little more specific, chips from Food Should Taste Good.  I have blogged about these in the past and am obsessed with them.  They have several unique and fun varieties and I love the with grains and seeds woven into the chips, I really dig the texture.  There's more to them then your average chip.  For a while now I had been on the look out for the Cheddar flavor, or what I've referred to as the "holy grail" of snack food but my searches at Stop and Shop and Whole Foods all came up empty handed.  At the Boloco event, I mentioned this snack food dilemma and asked if anyone had been able to find them.  I was met by shaking heads and again, my search for the illusive Cheddar flavored chip continued.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when I got an email from Boloco executive chef, Jason Hutchinson, telling me that he had tracked down a case (!!!) of Cheddar Food Should Taste Good chips for me.  I could not have been more excited.  (Seriously, I'm pretty sure there was some terrible dancing involved).

A very special Small Boston Kitchen thanks to the folks at Boloco for helping me put an end to the quest for the "holy grail" of snack foods!


Melissa said...

I'm curious with this burritos. Must be something worth finding. It must taste good.

Anonymous said...

Just looked on their site and they sell them at Safeway and Raley's, three blocks from my house. They look delicious. I will definitely try them!

SAS said...

This is awesome SBK! Congrats on your food networking skills.
A lot of these are gluten free too! Just remember to read the label :-)

Megan said...

I Must be something worth finding. It must taste good. I tried this at home.

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