Flavor of the Month: Donut Shop

We made it.  It's the weekend and that makes me very...

You know what else makes me happy?  My morning cup of coffee.  I look forward to my morning cuppa Joe and in my book, Saturday morning coffee's are the best.  When there's no rushing around and I can sit in my sweatpants, warm cup of coffee in hand, putting off the start of my day just...a....lit...bit....longer...

Speaking of coffee, for the past three months I've been doing a "flavor of the month" featuring a new variety of k-cup coffee every month, sent by my friends at Coffee for Less.  Coffee for Less is an "online coffee shop" that sells everything you need to get your daily fix of caffeine (or decaf, if that's how you roll) and they even have their own blog.  This month they sent me Coffee People's Donut Shop variety which to me, is a reminder of how good cafe coffee should be.  Bold, but not bitter, smooth and rich, I have to say, I'm totally smitten with this flavor and insofar as regular unflavored coffee goes, this one ranks pretty high on my charts.  I always like to have a staple like this in my coffee collection because it's quite the crowd pleasure, sure to make even the pickiest of picky people happy.

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Liz said...

I like Donut Shop, too!

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