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Oh happiest of happy Saturdays!  Can I just tell you how thrilled to absolute pieces I am that is Saturday?  It has been a long, LONG week, folks!  To kick my weekend off right, I'm trying out a new flavor of K-cup that my friends at Coffee for Less sent me.  For the past couple of months, Coffee for Less has been sending me a new flavor a month. (Past posts are HERE and HERE) Sent to me as a surprise flavor, I had to laugh when I opened up a box of Chocolate Glazed Donut flavored k-cup coffee pods because to me, it seems kind of quirky and fun and totally not what I expected.  It's a new flavor and you know what?  It's pretty flippin' good.  I'm always a little suspect of flavored coffee, sometimes they can taste too artificially sweet and enhanced.  This one's different.  It's sweet, but it's not so over the top with flavor that it's a turn-off.  Plus, it makes quite the nice conversation piece.  Imagine inviting people over for brunch and taking coffee orders, "Let's see here, I have regular, bold and chocolate glazed donut flavor, which would you prefer?"  I know I'd laugh.

Actually, I think that's a pretty good point to make.  I think often times we can get into a rut when it comes to coffee flavors.  I know my mind is sort of programed to think my only choices are regular, French vanilla, hazelnut and maybe an Irish cream.  Maybe it's a product of drinking Dunkin' Donuts all those years?  Either way, it's sort of refreshing to see some companies like to let their hair down, shake things up and walk on the wild side, so to speak.

Alright, I'm off to relax, and possibly even indulge in a second cup!  It's the weekend, why not?

Happy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

This flavor sounds absolutely amazing!! I don't even drink coffee but you better believe I wouldn't turn down a "chocolate glazed donut" coffee!! Great idea. Enjoy your Saturday!

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